Andria N. Thomas__________________________

5709 Melvin Street     Pittsburgh, PA  15217      cell (412) 849-5860  



Carnegie Mellon University                                                                                                                                  Pittsburgh, PA

Master of Business Administration (MBA)                                                               GMAT: 770 (99th percentile)                                  8/06

Master of Science in Public Policy and Management (MSPPM)                                    

  • Concentrations: Strategy, International Management
  • Clubs: Consulting, Business and Technology, Graduate Women in Business, Net Impact (chapter founder and leader)
  • Recognition: Forté Foundation Scholar, Padnos Women’s Business Scholarship, Merit Scholarship recipient


University of Virginia                                                                                                                                       Charlottesville, VA

Bachelor of Arts, Mathematics and English                                                                                                                                            5/96

  • Echols Scholar honor program


RECENT EXPERIENCE____________________________________________________________________

Information Technology Manager                                                                                                                               3/02-5/04

Blue Ridge Numerics, an engineering software company                                                                                         Charlottesville, VA

·         Needs Analysis: Observed redundancy and inefficiency in management of critical customer data, resulting in a formal proposal to CEO and VP of Marketing to implement a company-wide Customer Relationship Management system (CRM).

·         Leadership and Teamwork: As project leader, implemented new CRM while phasing out existing non-interoperable systems and incorporating recommendations from the administrative, accounting, sales, engineering, and marketing departments. Scheduled the roll-out over three stages to integrate initial feedback and ensure full adoption. Preliminary results and feedback were so positive that a premium feature upgrade was requested and installed.

·         Communication Skills: Presented new technology proposals to senior management and the sales, engineering, and development teams, evaluating comments and incorporating needed changes to ensure full acceptance of initiatives.

·         Problem-solving: Identified security and data access problems.  Implemented a backup system and a Virtual Private Network for remote employees to securely access and share data.  Using open-source software, reduced setup time by 90%, completely eliminated software costs, and resulted in higher adoption rates by the sales and development teams.

System Administrator                                                                                                                                           1/01-2/02

Tovaris, Inc., an information security company                                                                                                                                                                  Charlottesville, VA

·         Teamwork: Selected to serve on a panel developing a comprehensive security policy for the company.  In four meetings the panel performed the analysis, critiqued changes, and produced the finished policy for immediate company-wide use.

·         Problem-solving: Automated operating system upgrades and patches to maintain critical security needs while ensuring no developer downtime. Implemented secured virtual work areas for code security and more realistic testing environments.

·         Analysis: Researched and wrote a comprehensive Risk Analysis to ensure Tovaris met needed security standards.  Results of the Risk Analysis were used to enhance company security in preparation for security standards certification.

Volunteer, Secondary Education                                                                                                                                                                                                 10/99-10/00

United States Peace Corps                                                                                                                                    Okombahe, Namibia

·         Teaching Skills: Taught five classes of high school Mathematics and English to 150+ students.  Appointed as head of the English Department.  Created weekly teaching aids to reinforce basic concepts in addition to normal teaching duties.

·         Communication Skills: Wrote the materials for a “Basic Computing Skills” class to be taught to unemployed villagers and distributed the class materials to a Teaching Resource Center.  A second skills class was taught by popular demand.

·         Innovation: Developed a “Math Masters” student reward program and an after-school mentoring program to combat widespread math failure and apathy.  Initial test results showed dramatic improvement in retention of basic math concepts.

·         Initiative: Created a “Computer Prefect” program to provide monitoring and student help in the school computer lab while also offering a positive incentive to struggling students.  The supervisory experience gave students needed confidence and self-esteem, resulting in improved attendance, study habits, and classroom behavior.

INTERESTS AND ACTIVITIES_______________________________________________________________

Tepper Activities: Toastmasters Club, Community Outreach, Wine Club, Social Club, Culture Club, Robber Barons magazine.

International Exposure: Extensive travel to over 30 countries.  Several years spent living overseas.

Volunteer:  Numerous community service activities since 1990, including student tutoring and mentoring through Computers4Kids.

Other Interests:  Myo Sim Karate (2nd degree black belt), running, hiking, cooking, and international travel.